Why a Pop-Up Photo Session?

I always look forward to planning and hosting my Pop-Up Photo Sessions. It’s often the first thing I do to kick of the new business year: sit down with my calendar and plan when and where these sessions can take place. In the past they have included: Mama & Me Sessions, Christmas Sessions and Sunset Sessions.

What’s the difference between a Pop-Up Photo Session and an In-home Session?

A Pop-Up Session is a themed and seasonal session. This means they only take place at a specific time of year and are often short but (very) sweet in duration. As opposed to my in-home sessions, which are more dedicated to spending more time with you and your family. Pop-Up Photo Sessions are the perfect and fun way to swiftly update the photo albums and wall art in your home.

My Pop-Up Sessions are also extremely limited. I offer them sparing across the year as it’s a way for me to explore my creativity and share it with my clients. It also gives me the opportunity to collaborate with exciting talent and fellow creatives.

“But what’s in it for me?” I hear you ask.

3 Reasons Why Pop-Up Sessions Might Work for You and Your Family

  1. Stepping away from the in-home sessions, Pop-Up Sessions often take place on location. This can be either in a studio or on special location. A change of scenery can be a exciting and creates a different vibe to my tailored made in-home and outdoor sessions.
  2. Collaborating with creatives means I can offer something a little different. Whether it be a client wardrobe, beautiful custom set designs or make-up artist. I am always looking for new ways to cater to my wonderful clients.
  3. As my Pop-Up Sessions are seasonal, we can celebrate different times of year and different moments in your family’s journey together. For example, your family’s Christmas, the first cherry blossoms of Spring, long hot summer days followed by even more beautiful sunsets. These magical times of year are all worth being documented.

For these reasons and more, Pop-Up Photos Sessions are worth keeping your eyes peeled for. There’s always something for everyone, and there’s always a little twist that makes it a little different and special.

My latest Pop-Up Photo Sessions are: Woodland Sessions – the perfect way to get outdoors and embrace the change of season with your loved ones.

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