What Type of Photo Session is Right for You?

Which Photo Sessions is best for you and your Family?

Choosing a Photographer to capture special family moments in time is a very personal decision. But a lot of what you’re after stems from the type of session you have your heart set on. My Little Pop-Up Studio is small but mighty and caters to all families, however depending on where you are on your family journey, an in-home session might not be your first choice. Never fear – as a Family photographer specialising in portraits, I am well equipped and adaptable to different client’s needs. My photography doesn’t start nor end with my Little Pop-Up Studio and so they are various types of sessions options available:

In-Home Sessions

The reason I created The Little Pop-Up Studio was to take the pressure off busy and growing families and capture pure and genuine images in the comfort of their home without jeopardising the classic studio feel and style. Whilst my clients know me for this and love this setup, I know that every family and parent has their own individual needs.

Motherhood In-home Session

Outdoor Sessions (On location)

When the weather is sweet, there’s really nothing better than getting outdoors for a photo session. Living in the UK means we have to be on our toes in case of sketchy rain, or more recently, souring temperatures, but for me, it’s always an option. Sourcing perfect locations for portrait sessions comes with the job description. I have a sacred list of beautiful spots all over London as well as parts of Essex and Kent that keep me and my clients coming back.

Did I mention the sensory onload and energy offload for your little humans? It’s a known fact that getting into nature is great for those endorphins, and allowing them to explore freely, safely and happily is another reason why it is a great option as a photo session.

I love getting outdoors so much that I offer annual Pop-Up Sessions dedicated to being outdoors – there’s so much beauty in exploring nature with your family and is definitely worth considering. Get in touch if this is your favourable option for you and your family.

Family Outdoor Session

Studio Sessions

The reasons for needing to source a studio can vary: from needing just a little more space or wanting to photograph a large group. Whatever the reason, I completely understand and mainly encourage this option for bigger family sessions or creative consultations.

It’s relatively simple for me to source studios locally in London. Alternatively, there’s also the option for you to venture out to a studio in Central London (for example) should you require a certain look and feel from a studio space. I’m here to guide you through this process every step of the way, including liaising with studios and sorting through the logistics. Studio Session will incur a studio hire fee which is factored into your photo session package upon booking.

Studio Session with Model
In-home session not at your home

Even when our homes are our sanctuaries, sometimes it’s just not practical. That’s why I’d always suggest a family member or a family friend’s home if for whatever reason your home won’t work for an in-home photo session. If it’s simple enough and convenient, this is always a good plan b.

Lifestyle Sessions

If you’re after more of a snippet-in-the-life-of gallery, then lifestyle session might be the way to go. Allowing me to capture the simple bliss of being at home, cosy and completely uninterrupted is a style that many are keen to have documented. These sessions can take place anywhere and everywhere in the home and use only natural light.

I always love to get to know clients ahead of them booking a photo session with me. As well as getting to know each other a little better, I also get a little insight into what type of session would best suit you and your loved ones. Don’t worry if you’re unsure, we can unpack your needs as well as envision what the final images you display in your home look like.

I’m here to capture your family in those unique moments, freezing time whilst making it as simple as possible. Let’s capture your magic 🙂

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