Preparing for a photo session at home with my little one

The joy I get from capturing my little family cannot be put into words. It’s starting to feel like my super power. Being able to snap every milestone on my phone is one thing, but it’s completely different ball game popping them on my studio. I love zooming in on their ever-changing personalities.

My Three Top Tips

As a photographer, a big part of my job is to make your life lighter. But these 3 things can level up your photo session in terms of ease and those ever important endorphins!

  1. Have at least 2 outfits readily available to change into

As the saying goes: “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” A little dramatic maybe, but to put it simply: having an outfit change on stand by can be the key to a glorious session. It can provide variety to your gallery and take the stress out of the first outfit potentially being covered in the following: spit up, wee, or the fun classic poo-nami (trust me, it can happen).

2. A well rested and/or fed baby is a happy baby

Timing also contributes to an endorphin inducing session. What time your session takes place can depend on your little one’s age, nap schedule or calendar. I always work with clients on this and aim to be extremely flexible as I know everyone’s routine is different.

For example, after porridge in the morning, my youngest is ready for gentle play and a giggle. Therefore, the perfect time for us is between 9am and 11am. When my eldest comes home from school however, the baby is completely transfixed by her playful energy. Which leads me nicely to last my tip…

3. Keep distractions to an absolute minimum

The holy grail to almost all sessions, but often the most overlooked. Allowing your little one to feel comfortable on set and with a camera in front of them is so key. This means avoiding over-stimulating them with videos, music and additional people during the session, even when it’s well intentioned. The smiles will come and even if they don’t, you’re more likely to get cries with the latter. I know, I’ve done the extensive research.

And that’s all, folks!

So there you have it: my top tips for a lovely photo session in the comfort of your home. Sometimes, our little ones are just unsettled and it becomes a bit of a mystery. That’s why I work with their moods and go at their pace. It’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all, and I always have wiggle room. There’s never any pressure as I want my parents to feel relaxed in the comfort that: I’ve got you!

So what are you waiting for? You can read more about my photo sessions here.

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