The Little Pop-Up at Baby Sensory

baby sensory class

I remember it well…

From being one of the mums in the Baby Sensory classes to taking photographs of other little loves and their parents during these special classes. It’s safe to say: I’m really enjoying reliving this time and getting that healthy dose of oxytocin that comes with it.

I remember it well: a rough nights sleep, running purely on coffee and the sheer determination to get to a Baby Sensory class on time. My main objective for that day would be for my baby to enjoy it, for her to make tiny friends and to see my her smile at the lights, singing and sounds. As a mum on mat leave, these Baby Sensory classes easily became the focal point of my day. I’d base my mornings around them and ironically, capture all of the ‘awwwww’ moments (there were a lot of them) on my phone to share with my family group chat. So to be invited to these classes as the Photo Sensory Photographer is nothing short of a honour.

The Classes

I was introduced to the amazing Vanya, who runs Baby Sensory in the Muswell Hill, Finchley and Hampstead areas. Not only is she brilliant with the babies, she knows her stuff and has studied the science. She actively does the research into baby sensory. It’s more than just pretty lights and singalongs. Vanya recognises the importance of baby stimulation and brain development. Her classes are fun, heart felt and a safe space for parents.

Yesterday was my first day in her class as a Photo Sensory Photographer and I spent the day smiling ear to ear. Not only was it a Halloween Special class, which meant incredibly cute costumes, it meant both parents or plus ones could come along too. Everyone I met and photographed was so warm and lovely! Due to Covid, classes are a lot smaller than they were previously, however it made the atmosphere more intimate and calming for both parents and babies.

I feel very lucky to share such a space with Vanya. Not only because I love what I do, but as I know first hand how special the time in those classes are and how much those photos can mean. You always end up looking back wondering where the time went.

24 babies and 4 classes later, I can confirm the gummy smiles were in abundance and it definitely won’t be the last time I pop-up at a Baby Sensory class 🙂 Check out my socials to see the magic unfold.



Shani xo

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