Something a Little Different

More often than not, I’m forced to step out of my comfort zone as a photographer. At first it feels terrifying, but afterwards I’m always so grateful for the experience. It means that I can play more, get creative with lighting, editing, composition etc and most importantly learn something new.

Throughout all the winding paths of my career thus far, I’ve always enjoyed working with children the most. Granted – the children have gotten younger as I’ve got older, but I’ve always found it quite natural to entertain, communicate and just be with young people. So when asked to work with or photograph mainly or all adults, I initially feel a little stumped – which really is as ridiculous as it sounds!

I’ve definitely found my niche in Family and Children photography, but there’s so much that I aspire to be and do as a photographer. For instance, if you follow my Instagram, you will know that I shot and fell in love with Wedding Photography during the summer. You will probably see me talking a lot more about this in the new year, but more recently, I was commissioned to shoot my first interior styling shoot.

KOZY – made up of successful duo Katy and Zoe are a an interior styling company who are brand spanking new in the interior design world. Their contemporary, clean and often bold pieces, thinking and designs are already turning heads and it’s why I didn’t hesitate to say yes to shooting their very first brand shoot.

Naturally, we spent the majority of the shoot day rearranging a beautiful space. We played with lighting, shadows and explored ways in which to take up space using shapes and furniture. I’d be lying if I said directing grown ups on how to pose, doesn’t come naturally to me (yet) but after lots of laughter, coffee and my free spirited 3 year old who played my assistant (and quite well might I add) we accomplished some really authentic shots.

One of the things I loved most about the day is the way Zoe and Katy’s personalities really spoke volumes in their portraits. From their different stances, outfit choices to facial expressions, this shoot seemed to really tell the story of WHO KOZY are and WHAT they’re about – they are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

You can find out more about KOZY here and do check out and follow their instagram and socials. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I work with these ladies again, but it was a first time in the interior design realm and I thoroughly enjoyed.

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