The Best Thing About Being a Photographer

I can summarise this topic in one simple sentence: The best thing about being a photographer is the fact that I am photographer.

In a funny way, photography chose me. I was always the one who was asked to take the photos. Whether it was a quick phone snap or for a big scale event – someone always had a friend who was in need and so they would ask me. It was something I would do in the background alongside my career at the time. This love affair went on for about 8 years before I noticed the feeling. You know the feeling you get when you’re doing something you love? In fact, it’s not one singular feeling, but all of the feelings, all at once: happiness, nervousness, sadness, excitement, exhaustion. This was my sign that this was something real and could bring me more than just feelings. There’s so much I’ve grown to know and love about being a photographer.

Being in the moment with your camera

When I’m in my creative element, I feel unstoppable. I zone out and imagine all the ways I can capture different personalities and anticipate different moments. Time is non-existent and I’m known to take more photos than originally promised. Sorry, not sorry.

The magic you can create afterwards

I like to give myself options whilst photographing so I can take full advantage of different sets of images in the editing process. This means cropping in, manipulating shadows, focusing in on small and important details. My personal favourite is seamlessly swapping heads so everyone is looking at the camera at the same time (my party trick at this point as it’s near enough impossible to get a family of more than 3 with young children all looking the same way!)

The gift of a print is a way into someone’s heart

What I’ve come to realise over time, is that the gift of a photo is sort of priceless. I worked with INSTAX at the end of last year hosting a workshop highlighting their new portable printer. When it came to Christmas, I used it to print photos of everyone I had presents for and used those instead of name tags. To this day, I love to going to their houses and seeing those same prints displayed. It was a little gesture, but it acts as a constant reminder of my love for them. PRINT your photos people.

Knowing that family photos are invaluable over time

Like I said, the best thing about being a Photographer, is the fact that I am one. Nearly every time when I’m either in the moment taking photos or editing photos I’ve taken of my own family, I get emotional. I am reminded that one day in the future, these photos are going to mean so much more to me. When my girls are no longer this little, when my dog is no longer with us, when me and my partner start to lose our hair. These photos are truly invaluable to us, and my future self is entirely grateful that I took that moment – whether it was pure chaos or lovely and wholesome – to capture my family.

Being able to offer this feeling to another family unlocks a whole other level of gratitude. Book that photo session. You’ll never regret it.

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