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Cake Smash & Splash Sessions

Adding a Cake Smash to your Baby and Toddler Photo Sessions is a great way to document your little person’s 1st birthday. Actually, regardless of whether it’s their 1st or 2nd Birthday, it’s an unforgettable way to celebrate their milestone with guaranteed smiles and giggles all round.

There are pretty much no rules when it comes to my Cake Smash and ‘Splash’, so here’s everything you need to know if your are anything like me and inclined to a little messy play:

  • Optional Balloon Garland – Set the scene with the option of a balloon garland. Choose colours that will match your little one’s personality, a theme you have in mind or special outfit you have had picked out forever. The ballon arch is no extra cost and will come ready made on the day of your photo session.

  • Naked Vanilla Cake to Smash – Keep it simple, but tasty! The Naked Vanilla Cake is too delicious to smash really, but what can I say, I’m just that generous. All cakes for my first birthday clients comes with a ‘one’ cake topper too. If you’re not a lover of messy play, don’t worry I have my wooden cake set as an option too, which gets just as many smiles as the real thing!

  • Bath tub and Bubbles – Naturally after the mess comes bath time. I bring my little white tub, some bubble soap and my trusty bubble machine and honestly it’s the equivalent of a spa day for little people.

  • PSA: Don’t worry about the mess! – I can’t stress this enough. Not because there’s going to be a landfill of a mess to tidy up, but mainly because that what I’m there for!

I love these sessions as it most definitely gets all the senses going! So much so that I’ve been told the nap that takes places after my Cake Smash Sessions are pretty magical!

So what are you waiting for? You can book in your Cake Smash session here.

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