Doorstep Portrait Love

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What will you think of when you look back on your time during the Covid-19 pandemic? What stories will you re-tell? And what memories will stand out the most?

For me, riding my bike to meet and photograph so many wonderful families during this unique period of time will definitely be up there. Initially, I was so wary of being safe and adhering to government guidelines that it made me really nervous – was now the right time/was it appropriate? But the volume of interest in these sessions alone definitely answered that question for me.

I loved listening to and capturing people in their natural state; as an outsider looking in to their little bubbles. But mostly, I loved the sheer happiness that a lot of these images gave people – I’m sure they will continue to provide exactly that for many years to come.

We managed to raise £120 for NHS Charities Together! 🙂

Thank you all so much, here’s just a snippet of the families I visited x

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