A Blog to my One Year Old


Reflecting on one year of being a Mum

I type this is as you lay asleep. It’s gone 10pm, I have a cuppa to my side and a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach. I will save this blog post for you to read when you’re older, but for now, I finally have a moment to sit down and reflect. After the beautiful mayhem of your first birthday party, I am emotionally tired. You were celebrated and surrounded by so much love, it was truly perfect and just what you deserve. But I do want to take this time to think back on your arrival into this world, the new meaning to life you have gifted me and the sheer happiness you pour into me daily.

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I never expected that being your mother would be so complex and delicate. Our love and bond is like nothing I have ever known. It has revealed sides to me that I never knew existed: my innate nature to protect, to be patient, to teach – it is so powerful. So much so, that I expect there will be moments where it temporarily breaks down. There will be days where I disappoint and upset you and it will only ever be because of the power of my love for you. There will be times where you may not understand me in a moment, but please only take away from that situation that my actions are completely and utterly driven by love.

Thank you for continuing to shape me into who I am today. Thank you for challenging me in new ways and for always seeking me for your strength. It reminds me that even when I feel most vulnerable and invisible, you still see my light. You really are quite extraordinary for such a little person. I feel as though I owe you the world, but love doesn’t quite work like that. So, I am going to continue to pour into you, as you do me and may we always flow together. I love you until the end of infinity.

P.s the warm fuzzing feeling is because you are smiling in your sleep tonight. May you always sleep this happily baby girl.

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