Model Portfolios for your Little People

As a photographer who is passionate about capturing the essence of childhood, I’m excited to also be able to offer headshots and editorial shots for aspiring little stars and their portfolios. It’s a massive privilege and a big responsibility for me to create a safe and comfortable environment where they can shine authentically.

The Little Pop-Up Studio = The Perfect Studio

When it comes to a child’s portfolio, less is often more. Simple, timeless images that highlight the child’s natural beauty and personality are far more impactful than overly stylised or posed shots. That’s why The Little Pop-Up Studio is perfect for capturing the soft, natural lighting and incorporating that minimalistic background that keeps the focus on the child.

Making it fun

A lot of my work is about encouraging children to be themselves during a photo session. Candid moments often yield the most captivating photographs, so I always want them to play, laugh, and express themselves freely – their images should capture the child’s natural energy and enthusiasm. I’m patient and flexible, allowing breaks as needed – their comfort and happiness throughout the session is my number one priority. I strive to strike a happy balance between professionalism (getting them ready for the industry) and playfulness.

Staying on trend

With styles and trends constantly evolving, keeping the portfolio updated allows for the incorporation of new and trendy elements. My favourite part of working with aspiring talent is being able to get creative and experiment whilst ensuring that the images are current and appealing to clients and agencies alike. I offer advice to parents and collaborate with them to capture images that are going to speak to their dream clients.

Portfolio updates provide an opportunity to showcase the child’s growth and progress in the modelling world. Whether it’s mastering new poses, expressions, or adapting to different styles, each update tells a story of the child’s journey in the industry.

Offering regular portfolio updates is not just a professional responsibility, but a commitment to celebrating and capturing the magic of childhood as it unfolds.

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