Shani Monica Love Stories – My Journey into Wedding Photography

If you had asked me a year ago to photograph a wedding, I would’ve quickly changed the subject. The very thought of wedding photography made me feel overwhelmed and sick with worry. Not to mention imposter syndrome showing up dressed in a full tuxedo. It felt like something that was so out of reach. But here I am, a year later, advertising my Wedding Photography services and actually, really LOVING it.

Shani Monica Love Stories (

Stepping out of my comfort zone

They say all good things emerge when you step out of your comfort zone, and Wedding Photography really is that.

Although the transition from portraits to weddings feels relatively natural, it’s all the extra things that comes with it. For example, venue restrictions, 100 guests, time constraints, adrenaline and general emotions of the day (not always your own). There’s a lot to factor in.

There’s a running joke amongst my photographer friends that we are barely photographers. We are in fact, art directors, therapists, cheerleaders, entertainers and ultimately the go-to person before and on the day of the wedding. It’s something that has really surprised me since stepping into this part of the industry and why I find the work particularly rewarding.

This year has really tested my confidence, my technical skill and ability to adapt to all sorts of situations. I’ve second shot at weddings with less than 24 hours notice, and I’ve shadowed Wedding Photographers whose work I admire and respect. It really has been 0 to 100.

What I’ve learnt so far:

  1. Getting to know the bride and groom ahead of the wedding drastically improves your shots. Even if it’s a short phone call, getting to know their personalities and dynamic, no matter how brief, is a fundamental part of the process.
  2. Always have a plan A, B, C and D! Thinking on your toes with hundreds of eyes on you is not the most ideal feeling in the world. For one of my first weddings, I made the last minute decision to hire out an off camera flash unit, and it was the best decision I made! Fail to prepare, prepare to fail as the saying goes.
  3. Visiting venues and meeting events team, staff and other vendors has saved me so much time on the day of the wedding. I get to know names and faces, whilst also knowing my way around the venue and grounds. It helps me to build my shot lists for the day, which also plays a huge part in plans A, B, C and D.

I could go on and on; it really has been a massive learning curve. One that I am so grateful and excited to be on.

So yes, I offer Wedding Photography now. And you can find my work at:

If you know someone or you yourself are looking for a Wedding Photographer, please get in touch:

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of happy people in love over the next few years.

The only downside is that I now annoy other wedding photographers when I’m the guest at weddings – and I’m not sure I’m completely sorry about it.

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